How it Works

It starts with relationships

Our established relationships with English speaking Japanese auto-exporters ensures we get quality cars with no surprises. We also have great working relationships with multiple part's vendors to provide full vehicle support. 

Getting our trucks

Our trucks are all personally selected from Japanese auto auctions by me. I search for the best trucks and send them to my export team to translate all sales information into English. After I review the translated information, pictures, and condition diagram we make a decision. We then bid a fair amount on the carefully selected trucks and hope to win them at auction. 

Our Standards

I don't need to sell these trucks I do it because they are cool, and people who enjoy them are cool. I don't want to deal with junk cars or junk people.  Over 80% of the cars at auction are eliminated for heavy rust, cracked windshields, corrosion, not running, or other pitfalls. Any cars that don't meet our standards are not purchased. 

Customs and Paperwork

All paperwork needed to register and title your truck in Texas will be included with your truck. We comply with all current federal and state laws regarding importation and sales of cars. All documents needed to register your vehicle will be translated from Japanese to English and will be in a packet. We make it simple to register your new truck to legally drive on Texas roads. 

Parts and Service

After your purchase we can provide parts and service to keep your Honda Acty or Subaru Sambar running in top condition. We usually have common parts like air-filters, spark plugs, tires, wheels, some gaskets, and oil filters in stock. We have completed projects for our customers involving custom wheels and tires, custom upholstery, and exterior wraps.