Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are all the trucks manual transmission?

A: Yes, All 4WD trucks are manual transmission. 2WD trucks can come with AUTO trans, special order is required. 

Q: Are parts hard to get?

A: No, Subaru and Honda factory or aftermarket parts are easily obtained domestically or from Japan. 

Q: Can you help me find parts for my Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Cushman, China-Brand, or Daihatsu? 

A: No. These brands of mini trucks do not have readily available parts. 

Q: Can I trade you my RZR, Commander, SIde-by-Side, golf cart for an enclosed cab Japanese minitruck?

A: No Thanks, maybe try to sell it on craigslist. 

Q: How are the trucks street legal?

A: All of our trucks are 25 years or older and are federally exempt from DOT and EPA standards. The import paperwork is prepared properly and is included with each truck. The trucks  can be had with a normal blue Texas title, that can be used to transfer ownership in your state or municipality like any other used car. I don't title all the vehicles as most will be used off-road, but any of our trucks can come with a clear Texas Title. 

Q: How long can I expect my truck to last?

A: If maintained properly there is no reason your truck cannot last years or decades more. These are built to last.

Q. I found a japanese mini truck for sale from another seller and the price is cheaper than yours, how come?

A: I offer the cleanest trucks for the best prices. All of our trucks come fully serviced and ready to run. I personally select and win each truck individually at auctions in Japan. Each truck has between $500-$1200 dollars of maintenance, upholstery, detailing, parts, and paint and body work. We provide ALL import paperwork. Other sellers are selling trucks right out of the shipping container with incomplete paperwork. U.S. Customs can confiscate and impound vehicles not imported properly, BUYER BEWARE.  I'm sure you can find lesser trucks for lesser money. You won't be able to find cleaner,  better maintained trucks, for less money.   

Q: Did any of your trucks flood in the hurricane or heavy rainfall?

A: No, our lot does not flood. 


Q: Where can I get my vehicle inspected for the VTR-68a inspection?

A: It is specific to each county, and local jurisdiction. This is a list of some of the nearby jurisdictions 

Travis County and 17 surrounding counties:

Fort Bend County:

Montgomery County:

City of Houston:

Dallas County:

Galveston County: